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200 IP Cameras at Red October Steel in Russia

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The video surveillance system at Red October (Volgograd Steel Works) consists of 200 IP Axis and ACTi cameras, Eocortex software, and LPR module.
The company's factory was established on April 30, 1897. After the Bolshevik Revolution, the factory became known as Krasny Oktyabr, Red October. The factory was completely destroyed in the battle of Stalingrad but was restored shortly after.

The video surveillance system has been monitoring steelmaker areas, factory's divisions, departments, checkpoints for more than 3 years. By means of the License plate recognition module, vehicles passing through the checkpoint are being tracked. Most of the IP cameras were mounted in production units, allowing to control manufacturing processes and to solve problems of internal logistics and management. Also, this video surveillance system contributes to the disputes' resolution in emergency situations, in the company's relationships with suppliers and customers.

Red October's representatives comment on Eocortex:
"The video surveillance system is based on Eocortex software. With Eocortex rich functionality and Open Platform nature we transformed our system into an advanced tool for solving a wide range of tasks. Throughout the three years of operation, Macroscop has established itself as a reliable, stable, easy to operate and functional solution. The system allows both security officers and heads of various departments to carry out operational control and to respond to various situations quickly."


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