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100 IP Cameras at School No. 25 in Tyumen, Russia

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The video surveillance system at School No. 25 in Tyumen, Russia consists of 100 IP cameras, Eocortex software, and Eocortex Intelligent modules - Suspect search and Face detection.

IP cameras are installed at the school entrance, in the cabinets, corridors and the school yard, which allows monitoring the situation in the school and ensures the security of pupils and teachers, property preservation.

  • With Suspect search module, school personnel and security officers are able to investigate the controversial situations, restoring the accidents from archived video sequences. Suspect search allows to look for the particular object according to its' visual characteristics: the operator can set object size, color, position in the frame, movement direction, upload a photo or sample from an archive. 
  • Face detection module is used at the school's entrance to monitor people entering the building, as well as for quick monitoring of pupils and school staff and parsing difficult situations. It automatically selects faces from the video stream. Security officers can also choose a face of interest and then watch all video archives where this face appeared.

Ilya Plaksin, CEO of installation company, comments on the choice of software package:
"At the software selection stage, we compared several software products. Finally, Eocortex has been selected. It allows using low-cost server equipment in building the system of the same performance level. Eocortex does not impose any restrictions on the choice of IP cameras; it is simple and intuitive to operate in, and the functionality is really broad.
The system is stable and failover."


Macroscop project  Macroscop project  



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