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220 IP cameras at Radisson Blu Hotel in Moscow

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The video surveillance system at Radisson Blu Hotel in Moscow, Russia consists of 220 IP cameras and Eocortex ST

The hotel is located in the Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow. It offers 391 stylish rooms and suites in a towering design that overlook the airport terminals, 46 meeting rooms, business center for delegate use, restaurant and cafe area. 

The video surveillance system was created to meet security requirements: security of hotel guests and staff. The security service is operating 24\7, receiving real-time video from the cameras of the system.

The hotel’s IT Director comments on Eocortex software:

"Any modern high-level hotel cannot be imagined without a technology-based security system, thus the hotel’s need for such system was obvious. At the software selection stage, we compared a wide range of products from various developers and suppliers. After performing several tests of demo versions and getting more familiar with the software tools, we finally decided to choose Eocortex. We really appreciate its convenient and user-friendly interface, free mobile apps for various devices, and especially the security alert feature. Our product version allows to benefit from Intelligent modules: Suspect search, Abandoned object detection, Face recognition and Tracking.

The video surveillance system at Radisson Blu was launched in September 2014. The system meets all technical requirements demanded. We are ready to recommend Eocortex VMS for creating video surveillance systems in hotels and guesthouses."


Safe and secure hotel accommodation is an inevitable part of the customer service. And while hotel staff is focusing on the customer friendliness, Eocortex advanced analytic modules provide Raddison Blu security department with high-level video management tools.

For example, the abovementioned Suspect search module significantly speeds up and simplifies object searches in the archive, when you can just upload its photo or set its distinctive characteristics. This feature saves enourmous amount of time and reduces the "human factor" influence once the event occurred.

Check Suspect search in operation with Eocortex Demo version.


Macroscop at Radisson Blu Hotel Moscow  Macroscop at Radisson Blu Hotel Moscow  


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