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1600 IP Cameras at retail stores in Bryansk, Russia

Retail 999

The video surveillance systems are installed at more than 100 retail premises in Bryansk and Bryansk region and consist of more than 1600 IP cameras and Eocortex software. Retail chains involved in the project include "Cranes", "Svenskaya Fair", "Kalita", "Сanella". IP cameras were mounted at the variety of premises: stores of different formats and areas, catering and food production buildings, warehouses and construction sites, housing estates and private properties.

The end customer had been carefully selecting the hardware and software providers to meet all the objectives of the integrated security and monitoring systems. Years of a client's experience with video surveillance systems demanded choosing the best solution to ensure a high level of the system's reliability, flexibility, and functionality. Testing and evaluation of different video management software packages on various objects lasted for 6 months. As a result, Eocortex VMS was selected thanks to the highest performance results, which would significantly reduce the system's hardware cost.

The video system installer comments on that:
"The reliability, flexibility, and scalability of the Eocortex software allow us to confidently provide not only the safety of people and property, but also to monitor compliance with the production and construction technology, and to control the personnel activities. According to the system's operation results, we are giving Eocortex an extremely positive evaluation".


Macroscop project   Macroscop project  Macroscop project



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