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232 IP Cameras at the Shopping Center in Saint Petersburg

Retail 232

The video surveillance system at the "Continent" shopping center in St. Petersburg consists of 232 IP cameras, Eocortex software, and 8 32-channel Eocortex NVR. The video system was installed in 2013.

The total area of the shopping complex is more than 100 000 sq. metres and Ip cameras are installed at the shops, cinema, restaurants, and cafes, as well as in the parking lot and surrounding area. To build a video surveillance system installers considered both ready-made solutions and single server hardware and software for video surveillance. In the end, the installers together with the customers have come to the conclusion that Network Video Recorders can be the optimal solution for IP video surveillance system:

  • Cost-effectiveness - the cost of NVRs is below than the cost of server with the software installed;
  • Convenient and easy solution - no need to choose a server, and to install the software on it;
  • Reliability - manufacturers guarantee to work with the stated amount of cameras.

After considering several options, experts from the client's side decided to select Eocortex NVRs. Eocortex product won the competition thanks to the high performance and resiliency, deep integration with selected cameras, ease of system management, intelligent motion detection, ergonomic and user-friendly interface, and, finally, affordable price solutionSabotage detection module is provided with Eocortex license absolutely free of charge. Sabotage detection module allows to reveal camera defocusing, panning away from pre-defined view, illumination and overlapping, which is particularly relevant for the public place surveillance. 

The constructed system meets all the customers' requirements and ensures the Shopping centre's safety at the highest level.


Macroscop project  Macroscop project   Macroscop project



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