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Unique one-time offer for integrators: VMS for 5 IP-cameras, 19 analytics modules and FACE RECOGNITION for 21 €
Unique one-time offer for integrators: VMS for 5 IP-cameras, 19 analytics modules and FACE RECOGNITION for 21 €

Eocortex in Safe City projects. What kind of tasks the CCTV system solves

The main task of the CCTV system on a city scale is ensuring safety and security of the inhabitants. The modern software solutions provide the convenient, easy-to-use video analysis tools that allow to prevent dangerous situations and quickly respond to accidents. It ensures public order and improves the quality of life of the citizens.

The Safe City projects are premised on the installation of video surveillance cameras in various public facilities such as the city streets and squares, educational institutions, railway stations, airports, market places, shopping malls, stadiums, etc. Such systems sometimes include up to tens of thousands of cameras. Such large-scale installations require automation of the process of finding data critical for ensuring prompt human response and decision-making. The Eocortex intelligent modules can become such automation tools that will analyze the video stream and alert the system operator to a potentially dangerous situation or an emergency 

  • Task: ensuring safety

The crowd detector will inform the operator that a multitude of people has gathered in the supervised zone. The operator will evaluate the situation and see the reason for it. Then he or she will take the prompt measures to prevent mass disturbance in case there is a probability of its development.

The tracking feature can significantly reduce losses a city sustains due to vandalism. The operator will be able to draw the lines forbidden to be crossed by the persons, and he or she will receive a notification every time this border is violated. It will help to timely register the infringement and take the prevention measures.

Thanks to the operation of the abandoned object detector the system operator will immediately know that there is an abandoned object on the street or in the protected premises. He or she will be able to promptly evacuate the people in order to provide security against terrorism.

Analyzing the archived video, it is possible to find out who left the object, detect his or her face using the face detection module, enter the face in the database and use this data for the investigation.

The smoke and fire detection module will quickly notify the operator regarding the presence of fire or smoke on the street or inside the premises allowing to start the immediate evacuation and firefighting activities. Using the 3D people counting module you will be able to know the exact number of people who left the building and make sure that all the visitors have been evacuated.

With the help of the loud sound detector the operator can promptly become aware of shots fired, yelling, glass being broken, or motor vehicle accident – the events that involve loud sounds. The module is particularly relevant for the large-scale CCTV systems, when monitoring of the video stream from the cameras is performed in the mute mode.  Timely notification about an emergency will help to quickly eliminate the consequences and render assistance to those affected.
  • Task: supervision of the observance of the traffic regulations

With the help of the tracking module you can arrange monitoring of the compliance of driving on the permitted lanes. If a vehicle crosses the lane divider, the operator of the system will immediately know about it, and the recorded video fragment will be the proof of infringement.

Using the license plate recognition module, it is possible to register violations of traffic rules that greatly simplifies the process of fining and reduces the amount of violations.  Additionally, you can monitor traffic density and take measures to resolve jams by handling the traffic in time.

  • Task: searching for a person

Cross-camera tracking will help to quickly find a child lost in the street of inside a building, as well as track a wrongdoer’s movements.

By entering the distinguishing features of a person (for example, the colors of clothes), the operator will obtain the trajectory of the person and his or her current whereabouts.

The face detection module installed in the system will help to obtain images of all the people who are visiting a museum, a business center, or an event in a city park. In case of emergency, the operator will be able to get the information on all the people who were there at that moment and could have witnessed the occurrences. Moreover, the database will store the photo of a delinquent in case of a criminal act.

  • Task: process automation

People counting moduleWith the help of the people counting module you can obtain data regarding the number of people who visited a museum, a theater, a multipurpose center, a post office or any other state or private institution. The visiting statistics permits to effectively plan the work schedules to reach maximum grade of service, as well as to evaluate the popularity of the activities held.

The license plate recognition module will increase the efficiency of searching for stolen vehicles. It is required to add all the numbers of the wanted vehicles to the database and set up sending of notifications in case of their appearance in the frame. Thus, the operator of the video surveillance system will immediately know it when the vehicle appears in any place of the Safe City.

  • Task: 24/7 monitoring

Sabotage detection illustrationIn order to ensure that the CCTV system is tackling all of its tasks successfully, it is required to keep it operational. The sabotage detection module will help to learn that someone disrupted the camera’s operation (defocused it, blocked it, flared it, or turned it away). The timely detection and solution of such problems will help not to lose efficiency of the CCTV system and perform the continuous security monitoring.

The ease of use of the video surveillance system for the operators greatly affects its overall efficiency and performance. The video wall helps to organize the work of the monitoring centers, meaning that everything that is happening in a Safe City will be monitored, help will be rendered when necessary, emergency situations will get an appropriate response.


Nowadays tens of cities in Europe and other countries take advantage of Eocortex intelligent video surveillance systems. One of the examples is the Safe Cities of Gent and Ronse, the common CCTV system of which is equipped with more than 300 cameras installed in the residential compounds, outpatient hospitals, mosques, crossroads, squares, parks, shopping malls, sports facilities, etc. The real-life experience demonstrates that the state-of-the-art video surveillance tools and video analytics significantly improve the efficiency of the cities’ security forces, reducing crime rate and stepping up safety.

You can test the capabilities of the Eocortex software free of charge by downloading and installing the trial version.

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