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Send request and get quotations for your project.

Eocortex is a tool for increasing sales and maximizing retail revenues

Do you still think that video surveillance is only about security? We at Eocortex are ready to persuade you to the contrary and prove that CCTV in retail is safety, profits, cost saving, and automation of routine processes.

Nowadays almost every store has a video surveillance system with varying number of cameras – from 2 or 3 to hundreds. Out of lack of information, it is often used only for to ensure safety and security. Indeed, initially the surveillance cameras were being installed exactly for that purpose, but the most advanced technologies and rich functionality available to the users of Eocortex software today greatly widen the CCTV system applicability.

Through the use of the intelligent modules, the Eocortex software allows to convert your video surveillance system into a sales-boosting and profit-increasing tool for store and shopping mall owners.

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Having connected the visitor counting module, you will obtain data regarding the quantity of people who visit your store or a specific department. By comparing it with the volume of actual sales, you will be able to evaluate the conversion of visitors into customers. If your conversion is low, you may launch promotion campaigns and subsequently evaluate their effectiveness with the help of the same module. Also, you may want to turn your attention to personnel performance and rectify their treatment of potential customers and sales techniques.

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Using the Heat Map module, you will obtain data regarding the most popular routes of visitors moving around the trading floor. You can modify the layout of goods and place certain produce on these routes to increase sales. 
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Using the data received from the visitor counting modules installed in various points of a shopping mall and the heat map module the owner of the premises can identify the places that are more popular among the visitors, and lease them for a higher rate.

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By installing the empty shelf detection module, you will ensure immediate notification of the store staff regarding a presence of an empty shelf, thus enabling them to fill it with goods avoiding the loss of profit.

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You can also increase your sales by improving customer loyalty towards a certain store or department. It can be achieved with the help of the data provided by the People Counting in Queue module. If the number of people in the queue to a cash register has exceeded the acceptable value, a store employee will receive the corresponding notification. It will allow to promptly open more cash registers and avoid inconveniencing the customers.


All the CCTV system data allowing to increase profits and customer loyalty is presented by Eocortex in a convenient way: reports, tables, and color diagrams will be understandable even for a user without any special engineering knowledge. Comprehensible information will be helpful for marketing specialists, merchandisers, managers and owners of a retail business.

Skillful approach to building CCTV systems for stores and shopping malls may by far recoup the investments in their components and installation.

More than 6300 stores and shopping malls all over the world are already benefiting from the Eocortex-based video surveillance systems: learn more. Order the trial version of the software for testing at your site by filling a form: get an estimate for your project.

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