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Getting the most out of Macroscop VMS via Web and Mobile applications

How to monitor your surveillance system even when you are not there? With Macroscop, you may use our Web and mobile applications to perform remote monitoring of your video surveillance system - located anywhere in the world. Absolutely free!

Macroscop Web Client allows you to view videos in an archive and in a real-time mode using any web browser and supporting Silverlight technology - Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Opera.

In order to start Web Client, you can just type the following in the browser string http: // <IP-address_or_server_ URL > <server_port> and click the link to Macroscop Web Client. Web Client’s login screen will open up. Web Client’s Control Panel features are similar to the elements of the control panel in Macroscop Client.

Macroscop Mobile Applications.  These are applications running on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone operating systems, and are designed for watching videos and listening to audio in real-time and archive modes. You need to install a free application and set up a connection to a remote Macroscop server in order to access a video/audio.

H.264 processing by mobile and web applications

The majority of mobile customers and web-based clients do not support the H.264 format in their video surveillance systems. In order to be able to see a picture in such cases, a video recoding procedure into MJPEG needs to be undergone. This procedure requires a lot of resources and leads to additional stress on a server.

The latest version of Macroscop’s software includes support of this format for iOS and Android devices. As clients are able to process video streams in H.264 format, the server does not have to execute unpacking and re-encoding tasks, which saves time and resources. H.264 format processing is possible on mobile devices if there are enough of computing resources. In the event a device does not have enough resources, video will be switched to MJPEG format automatically. Video format is user defined.

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