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How did the video surveillance industry change in the year 2019? The year’s results by Eocortex

Eocortex has been changing the world’s video surveillance and integrated safety and security systems market for 11 years. 4000 cameras on one protection key or 5630 connection options – is this a lot or a little? And what about a 20 faces in the frame for recognition? No problem! In the traditional summing-up, we will tell you how we were transforming the market in 2019.


New products

In 2019, the software development department of Eocortex showed the breakthrough rates of progress. Releasing one version after another, the software developing team has made Eocortex IP Camera Software as user-friendly as ever, perfecting the software core and the additional modules.

The Hard Hat Detector, a module for the industrial and construction sites, became the novelty of the beginning of the year. As the name suggests, this module finds the violators of the safety rules and helps to avoid accidents and fines.

In the middle of the year, Eocortex dramatically shook the world of the major retail by releasing the Shelf Fullness Check module. The automatic determining of the degree of fullness of the shelves and store windows using video surveillance became the novelty that is set to replace merchandisers. The system continuously monitors the shelves via the security cameras and alerts the responsible person when the quantity of goods falls to a tolerance limit. In the future, the reports will show at what time the shelf became empty and how much time it took the employees to remedy the situation. It turned out that a store without such a tool loses up to 4% of its revenue.

Another novelty was the Unique Visitor Counting module. It became popular in the places where the customers are served directly – in stores, shopping malls, recreational centers. Why is that? Simple: the calculation of conversion, foot traffic, substantiation of lease rates, determination of sex, age, etc. are all in demand in such establishments. It is a tool of necessity for any marketing analyst.

Finally, during the last ten days of the year, the Face Recognition Module Complete was released together with version 2.8 of Eocortex. This module may probably be called the best tool in the industry. Judging by the volume of sales, this module, based on the deep learning neural networks, became a true breakthrough in the sphere of artificial intelligence with its 99,9% precision, surpassing any similar software. The trick is that the Complete module is so “intelligent” that it recognizes even the faces partially covered with winter scarfs, ear-flapped hats, helmets, protective earmuffs, glasses and fringe hair. The module positively recognizes up to 40 faces in the frame and, given the high resolution and the suitable hardware, is able to process up to 100 countenances! The camera that detected a person who is in the list of, for example, dangerous special offenders, can send alerts to the mobile phones of the responsible persons – security officers, patrolmen, inspectors, etc. Need proof? You can still order the free trial version of this module. Make a request here and enjoy the efficiency of the artificial intelligence.

New projects

In 2019, Eocortex was growing together with the geography of its international sales. In December, one more country was added to the list of the states Eocortex IP Camera Software is being sold to. Now the list consists of 56 countries, one of which will be discussed during the whole of the next year. Paramilitary forces of Viet Nam, power industry specialists of the Russian Far East, Siberian doctors, Belgian police officers, Italian criminal investigators, Dutch museum and stadium employees - looks like there are no more professionals on the globe that have not yet appreciated the advantages of Eocortex video management software and its intelligent modules.

And it took off from there. At the end of the year, the Eocortex IP Camera Software became part of the action plans of at once several large-scale Safe City projects. In 2020, these projects will be completed, meaning that the export geography of Eocortex will expand. It must be said that this would not be possible without the continuous perfection of the software core and the attractive pricing on the terms of the lifetime license.


New integrations

In 2019, Eocortex worked closely and extensively with the user requests, pushing the software’s capabilities to the very limit. Just look at the list of integrations: Perco, Sigur, Uniview, Parsec, SOWA, ESMI, Honeywell MBSecure, etc. So many systems are now supported that in the nearest future the number of the ones that do not work with Eocortex will approach zero. However, the user requests keep coming, and they will be processed to satisfy the demand of the company’s end users and partners.

To make any integration work as a charm, our software developers provided REST API (Representational State Transfer Application Programming Interface), an architectural style of interaction of the distributed web application components that is aimed at simplifying the architecture itself and improving efficiency. But the main feature of REST API is the scalability for ensuring interaction of a large number of components and their smooth operation. In other words, Eocortex has become ready for the evolution of any video surveillance system to the fullest extent. 

One example of such capabilities is the export of a database to a new system or, vice versa, the import of such a database.

Among the most important integrations, it is necessary to point out the full-scale support of MxPEG codec by Mobotix, allowing to integrate the Eocortex software with any video surveillance camera of this manufacturer, and the no-touch door phone system based on the deep learning neural networks. The new door phones and call panels are BAS-IP line of devices controlled via SIP by the Eocortex software with the intelligent modules. Additionally, the software switched over to using the HASP keys, allowing to simultaneously connect up to 4000 cameras to a single server.

To summarize, the number of camera models supported by Eocortex reached 5630, meaning that almost any camera of any manufacturer – from Abron to Zavio – can work with Eocortex. At your convenience!


New achievements

The year 2019 did not go without various achievements, from a new version of the corporate site to the top places in all kinds of ratings. 

We bettered ourselves and we were pronounced the best by independent experts and analysts. Also, the departing year was marked with the internal corporate changes. For example, the Eocortex technical support started working around the clock to give our partners and end users the opportunity to obtain live advice anytime. All that is aimed at making your work with Eocortex IP Camera Software as convenient as possible. And just in 12 months we will learn what the 2020 will have amounted to.

We already know that in 2020 we will go in the same direction with many partners. As before, we are ready to admit new people in our team and start working with new companies. Do you own a safety and security-related business? Let’s work together. Jointly, we will accomplish much more!


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