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Eocortex helps to monitor compliance with face mask regimen

The coronavirus pandemic has created new standards of staying in the public places. In many countries of the world, it is required to wear face masks while visiting shopping malls, medical establishments, public transport and other places with a presence of large quantities of people. It is the computer vision that helps the companies and authorities to enforce the new safety procedures.

In March of the present year, Eocortex introduced the Face Mask Detector, enabling customers to increase the safety of people during epidemics in the stores, offices and any crowded places.
This intelligent module automatically detects the person without a mask and sends an alarm message so that the staff can take prompt action.

Over the period of several months, the attention of the authorities, the mass media and the common people has been riveted to the efforts of the doctors who put their lives at great risk every day. Specifically, the medical facilities have become the hotspots of the propagation of the coronavirus in some areas.


Face mask detector

The new intelligent module is already in use in some medical establishments of Russia. The IT department of one of the hospitals of Ufa (Russia) shares its experience of working with the module:

The cameras with the face mask detectors are installed at the entrances of the facility. When they register the absence of a mask on an employee’s face, the head of the corresponding department and the staff office receive a notification. The images of the visitors without a mask are stored in the special database. This data helps to locate those who had contact with a visitor with coronavirus”.

The same detector was installed at the entrances of the Bashkir State Medical University. 
For the purpose of fighting COVID-19, the face mask regimen is also in force on the territories of large industrial enterprises. The managers of the Russian branch of Unilever in the city of Tula told us how they had been implementing the new safety standard together with Macroscop. There, the face mask detector is installed at the security gatehouse and at the entrances to the production areas.

The Eocortex software suite demonstrated high accuracy: the face mask detector registered people without face masks in more than 90% of the cases and in more than 50% of the cases when a mask was worn incorrectly. Since the people were moving around the premises and were caught by several cameras, we managed to identify all the violations. It allowed us to increase awareness and safety culture among the employees. Now, we don’t have to remind people to wear face masks anymore – they are doing it on their own accord”, commented the management of the enterprise.

To try out the new Face Mask Detector, please send a request for a free trial version to sales@eocortex.com.

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