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The first rating of transparency of the cities of Kazakhstan

The analytics department of Satellite Innovation has prepared a composite rating of the availability of outdoor video surveillance cameras installed in the most critical places with the aim to create a safe and comfortable environment. 87 major cities of the republic participated in the evaluation but only 10 of them became part of the Transparency Rating.

– We called our study The Transparency Rating because precisely the surveillance cameras help to see the life of a city thru and thru. This rating is a demonstration of how the Safe City projects that ensure safety of the Kazakhstan citizens are implemented, says Polina Shestakova, senior analyst of Eocortex and one of the creators of the rating. – It is noteworthy that the transparency rating is not consistent with the rating of the cities with the largest population, demonstrating the differences in the approaches to ensuring safety of the communities.

The first three positions in the rating are occupied by the cities of Nur-Sultan, Ust-Kamenogorsk and Atyrau, respectively. On the territories of these cities, the safety and security are ensured by 14900 external surveillance cameras; concurrently, 10400 devices are installed as part of a single project entitled The Nur-Sultan Safe City. It is remarkable that the Nur-Sultan’s government, while relying on the European experience of building video surveillance systems, uses the joint solution of Eocortex IP Camera Software and Korkem Telecom whose market share is 70%. The rest is occupied by Axxon.

In the top-five of the transparency rating are also the cities of Almaty and Pavlodar where around 2000 cameras are running on Kazakhtelecom software.

– Due to the state support, Kazakhtelecom is present in all the cities of the Transparency Rating as a vendor of CCTV systems, occupying the first position by prevalence in the Republic’s territory. But the Eocortex company appears as the market leader when the number of cameras controlled by its software is taken into consideration, notes Polina Shestakova. The Sergek hardware and software suite and the MegaCam services are also noticeable in the Safe City projects.

According to the expert, Pavlodar and Taraz cities can be nominated leaders of the Transparency Rating when it comes to the dynamics of security system development. Thus, it is planned to expand the Pavlodar City video surveillance system by 1000 outdoor surveillance cameras, and the Taraz City’s by 700 cameras.

– The position in the rating was also influenced by the use of the intelligent video analysis modules, specifies Polina Shestakova. According to her, the modules most frequently used in the Kazakhstan cities are the Cross-Camera Tracking, License Plate Recognition, Face Detection and Face Recognition. However, in some cities, for example, in Karaganda, the intelligent modules are not being used with outdoor video surveillance cameras.

In summary, the Transparency Rating of the cities of Kazakhstan is as follows:
  1. Nur-Sultan
  2. Ust-Kamenogorsk
  3. Atyrau
  4. Almaty
  5. Pavlodar
  6. Shymkent
  7. Kostanay
  8. Uralsk
  9. Taraz
  10. Karaganda
The camera availability rating in the cities of Kazakhstan has been prepared using the open source data of the year 2019 by the analytics department and marketing department of Eocortex. The rating does not include indoor surveillance and privately-owned cameras.
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