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Offer for new integrators: 5 lifetime licenses, video analytics modules, including Face Recognition only for 21 euro.
Offer for new integrators: 5 lifetime licenses, video analytics modules, including Face Recognition only for 21 euro.

Warehouse with room to grow: why a logistics center needs to connect 4000 cameras

MA-Trading, the large logistics center in Germany, has firsthand knowledge about the security standards. Having confronted with theft happening at night, the company decided to upgrade its video surveillance system. In contrast to many others, the management of MA-Trading is looking ahead, that is why it has chosen to install the ample CCTV system to be on the safe side. Let us look at the case in detail.

MA-Trading GmbH situated in Nuremberg, Germany, is one of the largest online general stores in Europe. The range of goods sold there is almost unlimited. One can order virtually any type of product: a rattling toy, home electronics, a full set of garden furniture… The wide assortment of goods calls for a particular approach, that is why the store’s operation is supported by the large-scale logistics center. The merchandize from the suppliers is delivered there, to be lately distributed in even the remotest corners of the country. And the bigger success the MA-Trading company had, the more interest its logistics center aroused among the criminals.
After several episodes of theft from the warehouse it became clear that the existing video surveillance system was not coping with the task of securing the perimeter. The ADIT Computer & Netzwerktechnik integrator company came to the aid.



– The logistics center of MA-Trading is a huge warehousing complex. It is located in the outskirts of Nuremberg, meaning that it takes time to get there in case of an emergency. That is why the first requirement voiced by the company was the capability of the system to send urgent messages, says Mr. Alen Divkovic, the Managing Director of ADIT Computer & Netzwerktechnik.
The ideal solution was the Eocortex software that allowed the alarm messages to be sent to the operator in any way convenient to him, for example, via email, Telegram or Facebook Messenger. Moreover, Eocortex permitted to operate the CCTV system remotely, using the mobile client, meaning that even in the dead of night, in a soft bed the operator was able to be on top of things.

Thanks to the intelligent modules of the new software controlling 15 cameras of internal and external surveillance, all the operators of the CCTV system were able to keep track of the goings-on at the facility vital for the whole business. Two modules, Smoke and Fire Detection and Tracking, were connected to the cameras monitoring the crossing of the zones specified by the operator.



– The second requirement of the company was the possibility of a seamless expansion of the CCTV system, continues Mr. Alen Divkovic. This condition was easily met by Ultra, the selected type of the Eocortex’ license. Thanks to this software, it is possible to connect 4000 cameras to the single server of the video surveillance system. In other words, no matter how many new cameras will MA-Trading decide to add in the future, there will be no issue – the existing system resources will be enough.

The MA-Trading management has a proactive attitude. At the present moment, several more facilities of the company are at the stage of commissioning. By creating a CCTV system on each of them, the MA-Trading company has the opportunity to unite all the separate systems in the consolidated security center – all thanks to the capabilities offered by Eocortex Ultra.

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