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Unique one-time offer for integrators: VMS for 5 IP-cameras, 19 analytics modules and FACE RECOGNITION for 21 €
Unique one-time offer for integrators: VMS for 5 IP-cameras, 19 analytics modules and FACE RECOGNITION for 21 €

3 important facts about Eocortex 2.8

For a real professional in the sphere of intelligent video surveillance and comprehensive security the first week of October is the time of major update. This is because on the 30th of September, as it was mentioned before, the version 2.8 of Eocortex was launched. It is the unique software for effectively converting video data into profit. For the users of any version of Eocortex the update is free of charge.

– The new version of Eocortex is the result of a meticulous work performed with due consideration of the reviews and needs of the IP video surveillance system users, – ​said Rustam Salimzibarov, the development director of Eocortex. – The version 2.8 is the logical step of the development of the Eocortex software aimed at satisfying the requirements of the professional users. 

If the release of the version 2.7 that came with the clients for mobile devices and the optimization of business process went under the name of convenience, the version 2.8 is the bullet-proof version for security fans. This version has three main characteristics.

Those who have ever wondered how to convert visitors into buyers are already familiar with the first one. We are talking, of course, about the new Face Recognition system.

Now the Eocortex Face Recognition module can be divided in 3 versions. The first one is Face Recognition Light. It recognizes up to 5 faces in the frame and works with a database of up to 500 faces, perfectly fitting to organize a small access control system.

The second version is the already known Face Recognition Complete. With the proper hardware the Complete version can recognize up to 100 faces in the frame simultaneously, so it can work with crowds. Complete has an unlimited face database that allows you to search for people in the video archive using their photos. All of this opens unlimited capabilities of use of the module to solve complex security issues.

Another vector of the development of the Eocortex Face Recognition is the Unique Visitor Counting module. As the name suggests, it counts unique visitors of a specific site or premises excluding the employees or other group of people that can be specified by the user. The module creates a database to analyze age and gender of visitors. 

Among the group of developers, this module has received the non-official name of VIP module because in combination with other modules it allows to create a list of very important visitors and notify the user of their presence, indirectly influence the assortment of products (to display goods depending on the age of the customers) and determine the behavior of sales managers (for example, to call a more experienced sales person to deal with a VIP customer), and many more. In other words, it is a module aimed at increasing retail sales.

The second core feature of Eocortex 2.8 is the end-to-end encryption. Now the signal from the surveillance camera to the server and from the server to the monitoring workstation is encrypted with an SSL certificate. So, no one will be able to intercept the signal and use the video stream for their own deceptive purposes. This is especially important for the infrastructure of social significance on a national scale: oil transportation companies, gas stations, power plants, airports, train stations, government agencies and so on. Thus, Eocortex now ensures its compliance with the GDPR, that is, if properly configured, it is the safe software in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union.

The third feature of Eocortex 2.8 is not so large-scale but no less important. It is the full integration with the Honeywell Pro-Watch access control system. Now, using Eocortex, it is possible to receive events from Honeywell Pro-Watch software and display event information in the Eocortex log, as well as configure Eocortex scenarios to respond to the Honeywell Pro-Watch events.

The integration of Honeywell software is far from being the first one for Eocortex; however, perhaps, one of the most popular. This feature of the version is just a demonstration of the capabilities of the large Eocortex development team.
It is worth noting that for those who are not using this program yet, the demo version of Eocortex 2.8 is available for free. You can download and independently evaluate the advantages of the software using this link.

– Today we are already working on the next version of Eocortex. I think its users and fans will be in for a big surprise, says Rustam Salimzibarov. – As before, we are waiting for the feedback and suggestions about the operation of the software and its modules at support@eocortex.com – every suggestion is taken into consideration.

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