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Take part in Eocortex online events!

Face Recognition Light

It is used to automate and control the access of people to the protected areas. Supports up to 500 persons in database.

How it works

You can:

  • integrate the module with the access control system 
  • create a database of photos of “trusted” and “blacklisted” people
  • receive automatic notifications to the monitor, phone or e-mail about infiltration attempts perpetrated by people who do not have access rights
  • search for fragments with the detected face in the video archive, search for people in the video archive using their photos

Your benefits

You do not need to use your staff to control the admission to all premises. Thanks to the Face Recognition module you can:

  • provide automatic admission to the premises of those employees who have appropriate permission, and control the time they spend there
  • prevent unauthorized persons from entering the premises 

Thus, you will be able to ensure a high level of security for your employees and infrastructure based on biometric control methods.

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