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Face Recognition Light

Face Recognition Light module is used to search for a face in the stream of people of any density, as well as to determine people´s gender and age. Supports unlimited database.

How Face Recognition works

You can:

  • integrate the module with the access control system 
  • create a database of photos of “trusted” and “blacklisted” people
  • receive automatic notifications to the monitor, phone or e-mail about infiltration attempts perpetrated by people who do not have access rights
  • search for fragments with the detected face in the video archive, search for people in the video archive using their photos

Your benefits

You do not need to use your staff to control the admission to all premises. Thanks to the Face Recognition module you can:

  • provide automatic admission to the premises of those employees who have appropriate permission, and control the time they spend there
  • prevent unauthorized persons from entering the premises 

Thus, you will be able to ensure a high level of security for your employees and infrastructure based on biometric control methods.

Obtain a cost estimate

Face recognition for video surveillance systems

The Face Recognition module by Eocortex ensures high recognition accuracy and can be used together with access control systems at the facilities with high security requirements, for example, at banks or restricted access sites. Another important use of the module can be automatic identification of the hotel guests, restaurant customers, and the visitors of other similar enterprises.

How does face recognition work?

The face recognition module compares the faces in the camera field of view with the ones in the existing database. To work with the module, it is required to upload a face database to the Eocortex Video Management Software installed on your server. The face database may contain photos or screenshots with people’s faces. It is possible to add names, surnames and any comments to the images and add the photos to such lists as VIP Clients, Unwanted Visitors, etc. A digital image preloaded to the face database of the module or an image captured by the system’s camera at the checkpoint equipped with video monitoring is used as a reference image.  

It is possible to set up automatic actions for a group of people in the database, e.g. opening of a door, sending an email notification, displaying an alarm on the monitor, etc. When a person from the database appears in the field of view of one of the cameras, the video surveillance system operator will see the information about him or her in the online mode.

When working with the video archive, you can filter all the events using a person’s photo. Thus, you will be able to find all the events happened with a particular person. You can also see where that person was and what he or she was doing.

What is required to connect the face recognition?

To use the face recognition, you will need an IP camera and a server with the Eocortex Video Management Software and the face recognition module installed. The detailed server requirements can be found in the online documentation section on our web site.

It is possible to connect any IP cameras mentioned in the integration list. You can also use RTSP and ONVIF protocols.

The face recognition module is already included in the cost of Eocortex Ultra. Additional payment is required to use the face recognition with Eocortex LS, ST and Enterprise licenses.

Use cases

Eocortex Face Recognition can be used efficiently in the following cases:

  • Arranging access control in the facilities of different dimensions

  • Notifying staff of the arrival of very important persons

  • Sending alarms to security staff when shoplifters arrive

  • Searching for an employee in a large facility

  • Viewing the video clip and time when a person entered and exited the premises

  • Searching for a criminal in the video archive

Of course, the uses or Eocortex are not limited by the examples given above. Please get in touch with us to learn if Eocortex Face Recognition is suitable for tackling your tasks using the following email address: sales@eocortex.com

We will be happy to find a solution for you and provide you with the trial version of our software.

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