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Face Mask Detector: a new free module helping to fight COVID-19

The Eocortex company has developed the new intelligent module for detecting the absence of face masks (including medical ones) on the faces of people. The module is provided free of charge.
The Face Mask Detector is designed for finding people not wearing face masks in the field of view of the cameras in the areas where it is required. The module is capable of detecting up to ten faces in the frame. However, face recognition is not performed. The detector notifies an operator of the system in case of appearance of people not wearing face masks in the frame by sending an SMS, a notification to messengers, an email, or an alarm signal to a display, allowing the operator to react promptly and address the violation.
Today, the Company directs all of its efforts and expertise to creating products that could be potentially useful for fighting the propagation of COVID-19. The Face Mask Detector is the new feature of Eocortex that will be provided free of charge. It will supplement our set of free video analysis modules that can be used for monitoring the compliance with the measures of protection of the population in the public spaces and to help fight the coronavirus infection and the associated issues: Shelf Fullness Check, Crowd Monitoring, Tracking, People Counting in Queue.
The Face Mask Detector is available with the LS, ST and Ultra licenses of the Eocortex software suite. To obtain the module, contact us via e-mail sales@eocortex.com.
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