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32 IP cameras at the "Paladar" restaurant, San Salvador

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The video surveillance system installed at the "Paladar" restaurant in San Salvador consists of Eocortex video management software and 32 IP cameras.

"Paladar" restaurant employed Eocortex IP camera software to configure the unified monitoring solution, as well as the 3 different workstations for local monitoring of the different sets of cameras. The system was easily organised thanks to the Eocortex capability to differentiate the access rights. Also, in the near future, there are some plans for the remote monitoring using a VPN from other offices that the restaurant group has. The storage is set for at least 6 months with network storage devices to increase the reliability of the recording.

The restaurant's security cameras have been placed in the reception area, administrative offices, dining rooms, near entrances and exits, the restaurant's kitchen and bar. The video surveillance system installed at the restaurant helps to improve the security for customers, employees, to prevent stealing from the register and stealing food, to monitor workplace, to lower fights in crowded "daily specials" periods and easily investigate the particular case.

How does the Paladar restaurant cope with the "dine and dash" problem? Thanks to the system built on Eocortex software, an image of each visitor is now recorded in an archive once they come and go, so the suspicious person can be easily found in an archive with the Suspect search module developed by Eocortex. This Suspect search module allows the security personnel to significantly speed up and simplify object searches in the archive just by uploading a photo of the object into the software or indicating its colour, dimensions, position in the frame. The system will shortly output all objects contained in archival recordings from every camera that are similar to it. And with the Suspect tracking video analytics, the trajectory of this person can be tracked through the various cameras' field of view.

What is more, vandalized cameras will be shortly recognized by the Sabotage detection module provided with the every Eocortex license absolutely for free.

The "Paladar" restaurant project was performed by Eocortex's distributor in El Salvador - Sysnettek company. The Group is going to open new restaurants soon and the video surveillance system is supposed to be expanded in the near future. Sysnettek helps the restaurant to maintain the highest security level according to the local regulations. Several integrations will also be performed later at the administrative premises, like bells and door strikes, and special controllers for turning on the office lights if somebody enters the room.


Eocortex at the Paladar restaurant, San Salvador     



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