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100 IP Cameras at Greenwich Shopping Center

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The video surveillance system at the largest shopping center in Yekaterinburg has been built on Eocortex video management software. Every day, the center is visited by thousands of customers, which makes the high-end video surveillance system the necessary attribute for ensuring the highest level of security control. Today "Greenwich" is monitored by 100 Dahua IP cameras, video streams are being processed on two video servers. The video system is built on Eocortex ST version, and this choice can be explained by its rich functionality and the possibility of unlimited scalability, which is especially important in regards to the planned expansion of the shopping center.

Sergei Smorodintsev, the engineer of Greenwich's security service, says:

"The video surveillance system was put into operation in 2015. According to the results of its operation during this period, we can make a very positive assessment of all components of the video system: it has high availability, stability and efficiency. Despite the rich functionality of Eocortex, the interface is very simple and clear, allowing our guards to focus on the events hapening in the shopping center, instead of setting it up and finding the right system parameters for years. Today's video surveillance system is still under construction: we are increasing the number of cameras and enhancing the efficiency by connecting Eocortex intelligent modules."


  Greenwich Shopping Center   100 IP Cameras at shopping center 



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