The task: to provide security services along the building perimeter and prevent unauthorized access

Видеонаблюдение на промышленном предприятии

     The Eocortex solution: the tracking module.
  • Allows you to draw security lines along the perimeter and inside of the secured building, upon the crossing of which the module sends out a warning and brings up the video on the operator's screen;
  • Tracks moving objects within the camera's field of view;
  • Conducts a quick search in the event log (security line crossings, zone penetrations, prolonged stays in the zone).

The task: to provide automatic vehicle access and warn about unauthorized vehicle access to the premises

Контроль доступа автотранспорта

     The Eocortex solution: the license plate recognition module.
  • Allows you to program an automatic response to certain license plates (for example, raise the barrier);
  • Allows you to build the staff's vehicle data base, enter the full name, the car make, the position, and the phone number of every vehicle owner;
  • Deny access to the premises to blacklisted vehicles or vehicles that cannot be located in the vehicle database.

The task: instant emergency response

Предупреждение пожара на предприятии 

     The Eocortex solution: integration with security and fire alarm systems.
  • Instantly displays an alarm message and video from the camera on the operator's station in the event an alarm or a motion detector goes off or there is a loss of connection with the camera. The operator may then make a decision about calling emergency services without having to leave his workstation;
  • Permits an automatic response to be programmed for a specific event;
  • Sends a notification to a specific phone number or email address should an event occur.

The task: centralized control of all facilities.

 План объекта 


Eocortex permits:

  • A unified control center for all of an enterprise's facilities to be created that limits access rights to the feed;
  • Monitoring from any point in the world via the internet;
  • An unlimited number of IP cameras to be connected;
  • Thanks to its flexible planning tools, you may move between cameras located at one or several facilities. 


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