The task: provide safety in locations where people come together in large numbers

Интерактивный поиск по цветам


The Eocortex solution: Suspect search module.

You may search:

  • by date and time;
  • by face - Eocortex will show you every face that a camera captured;
  • by location in the frame - you may interactively mark a location in the frame and find out exactly what happened in this portion of the frame;
  • by size - you may indicate the size of the object, and the system will provide you with every object that came into the frame with these dimensions;
  • by photograph or archival picture;
  • by description - search for a person, car, or any moving object by its visual characteristics (color of clothing, size, and location in the frame).


The task: road safety

Контроль автотранспорта

     The Eocortex solution: the license plate recognition module, the car counting module, the traffic volume thermal map module.
  • Recognize license plates even when vehicles are moving at 150 km/hr.
  • Track traffic flows on roads and highways;
  • Discover the cause of an accident and other incidents.

The task: detecting mass unrest

Видеонаблюдение для безопасного города


The Eocortex solution: the Crowd Counter module

  • Automatically notifies the operator should the quantity of people exceed the indicated limit;
  • Warns of dangerous situations and mass unrest on city streets, in squares, parks, train stations, retail locations and in other public spaces.



The task: Centralized control of all facilities

 План объекта 


Eocortex permits:

  • A unified control center for all of an enterprise's facilities to be created that limits access rights to the feed;
  • Monitoring from any point in the world via the internet;
  • An unlimited number of IP cameras to be connected;
  • Thanks to its flexible planning tools, you may move between cameras located at one or several facilities. 


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