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Eocortex 3.3: special futures for GDPR compliance

The new, 3.3 version of the Eocortex software suite comprises several special features for ensuring compliance with the personal data protection policy. These features include:

  • Adding a watermark in the course of exporting the archive;
  • Encoding the archive being exported;
  • Blurring areas of a frame when viewing video in the client application;
  • Updated user access rights settings.

It is possible to add a watermark to all formats of the exported archive apart from MP4 without time stamps. This feature helps to protect data from unauthorized access.

Encoding the archive in the course of its exporting uses AES 128 algorithm and is available for the MCM format. The access to the encoded data is only possible with a password. The AES 128 algorithm provides reliable protection against any attack; it is virtually impossible to gain unauthorized access to the information protected with this algorithm.

In order to play back real time video but conceal certain areas of the frame, it is possible to use the blurring feature. The Frame Area Blurring module can be used with any cameras except Fish Eye and when using automatic zoom. 

Due to the updated settings, it is possible to set up user rights for controlling camera cells, getting access to maps, face and license plate number databases. The update allows the administrator of a video surveillance system to perform more precise adjustments of the system, depending on the demands and tasks of a particular project. For example, upon disabling the camera cell control rights, the context menu of the cell becomes hidden, and the camera drag-and-drop in the grid feature becomes blocked, preventing the operator from getting distracted from viewing the video and making changes to the settings made for them by the administrator.

The new features complement the data protection features implemented in the earlier versions of Eocortex:

  • End-to-end encryption for protecting the signal that goes from a camera to a server and from the server to a workstation. The data is protected by a SSL certificate, preventing its capture and use. 
  • User rights management. The system administrator can limit the access of the groups of users to the system settings and give different rights to each group. 
  • It is possible to delete user data from the system.

The use of these special features allows to ensure compliance with the personal data protection regulations without detriment to monitoring and safeguarding secure facilities. The new feature of Eocortex is already available for downloading in the Download Software.

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