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Eocortex 3.3: new video analysis features and improved user-friendliness

Thanks to receiving and analyzing feedback from our partners who implement projects all over the world, the Eocortex product management team has introduced new features that can make a video surveillance system even more efficient and stable. Also, the top-of-the-line video analysis features are now available to the users. Let us bring to your attention the new, 3.3 version of Eocortex, that became available to our customers on the 1st of April, 2021.

Recognition of emotions

The new range of features of the face recognition and unique visitor counting modules allows to obtain reports regarding the emotional state of the clients of a restaurant, a store, a bank or any other customer service business. This information will also be helpful for evaluating customer-centricity of the staff.
The emotional response of the clients in a point of service is a great factor for assessing quality of work of a service-rendering enterprise. After all, if we get more than we have expected, we smile, but if we’re disappointed or have been treated rudely, our negative emotions will immediately show on our faces.
With this new set of features, Eocortex provides its users with automated reports and statistics regarding the emotional state of the persons in the field of view of the cameras.
The system registers three types of emotions: positive, neutral and negative. The reduced number of categories of emotions due to generalization allows to achieve better recognition accuracy of every emotion. This feature has been implemented in the Face Recognition Complete and Unique Visitor Counting modules.

GDPR compliance

In the EU, the use of video analytics in video surveillance systems is required to be GDPR-compliant. Such personal data as identification and geolocation of persons and vehicles must be encoded and protected.
Starting from the version 3.3, Eocortex has the option of encoding the archive during its export. Viewing the encoded recording in the Eocortex player will be possible upon entering a password for decoding. Also, it is possible to add a watermark to the archive being exported in order to prevent unauthorized persons from using the recordings.
In many cases, a video surveillance system is used in the premises that require confidentiality. For example, in case a security officer has to observe the work of a bank teller, the former does not need access to the teller’s computer screen. Moreover, there is a risk that the security officer may see personal data of the third parties. In order to ensure confidentiality in such cases, the users of Eocortex can now take advantage of a special module that blurs the specified areas of the frame in real time.

Convenience of managing large-scale systems

A possibility to set up user rights at the stage of creating a view has been implemented. Now, the administrator can specify who has the right to view a certain group of cameras in the course of its creation. It is not needed to spend additional time on this anymore.
Eocortex 3.3 offers a possibility to transfer the main computing load to a separate server dedicated to working with video analytics. Other servers in such a system will be used for recording video coming from the surveillance cameras. Consequently, the recording to the archive will not stop in case the system becomes overloaded.
The new range of features is especially important for the large video surveillance systems and allows to improve their stability and reliability.
Moreover, the new constant redundancy feature allows to back up video streams from the cameras 24/7. Before, the backup switched on only in case of a failure of the main server. Now, it is possible to perform constant backup of the archive.

Video analytics built into cameras

Eocortex 3.3 provides a capability of using video analytics built into video cameras. This feature allows to reduce the requirements imposed on the server’s computing resources, meaning that less expensive hardware would be needed for a CCTV system.
Since April 2021, the following features are available in Eocortex: temperature measurements made by Dahua, Hikvision, FLIR and Mobotix cameras, detection of the crossing of a line and license plate recognition performed by Hikvision cameras. In the future, more integrations will be introduced.
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