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Five years of the advance of Eocortex in Belgium

This fall, Eocortex and Visuatech are celebrating 5 years of cooperation. The companies are successfully executing VMS projects in Belgium, helping to implement high-tech video surveillance systems at the private, commercial and state-owned facilities

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For Eocortex, Belgium is one of the most actively developing and promising European markets. There are more than 1,000 facilities with around 20,000 cameras that operate on the basis of the Russian-made video surveillance software in Belgium. This impressive result was achieved in just five years thanks to a partnership with a distributor Visuatech. The landmark date is celebrated in the fall of 2021.

Visuatech is a major distributor of the equipment, components and software for up-to-date IP video surveillance systems. The Visuatech solutions are focused on automating various business and security processes.

“We got acquainted with Visuatech during a cold call. In 2016, we had become interested in the Belgian market and started looking for a potential partner. Visuatech, in turn, had been looking for a new video surveillance software vendor to provide its customers with the most technologically advanced products. As a result, Visuatech decided to try out the Eocortex software, and after a while we joined efforts to showcase our software solution to Belgian integrators. The meeting was held face-to-face and turned out to be very attractive for the market - about 200 specialists took part in it”, recalls Pavel Okhotnikov, Director of International Sales of Eocortex.

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The first joint projects of Visuatech and Eocortex were implemented in the sphere of small and medium-sized businesses: video surveillance systems were installed in shops, pharmacies, and cafes. Over time, the number and scale of projects have grown. Today, the video surveillance system that operates under Eocortex is one of the main components of the Safe City project in Belgium. It unites administrative buildings, city parking lots, museums, stadiums, and is constantly scalable. The Russian software is also installed in the police stations and fire departments in multiple cities, as well as at many other facilities throughout Belgium.

“Visuatech was searching for a VMS that would be very stable, flexible, easy to use and very powerful in smart search and video analytics. … Licenses are one-time fee-based, and for this price you can’t find such features on the market, making us very competitive in all projects. We are very happy to having started working with Eocortex in 2016 because we see a successful future ahead with this VMS, - said Frederick Jacobs, the founder and director of Visuatech, in an official review of the collaboration with Eocortex.

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Eocortex and Visuatech solutions have aided clients to tackle a variety of tasksAt one of the largest European retail chains specializing in consumer electronics, the cameras with Eocortex tracking and thermal cameras helped end a series of thefts — criminals had been entering through the roof and stealing expensive electronics. 

In another Belgian retail chain, shoplifters were identified using suspect search, tracking and license plate recognition modules. Now, when cars of the trespassers appear, the store administrators receive notifications and take necessary measures. In one of the nursing homes, the integration of the software with an automatic wheelchair ramp allows senior citizens to control the device using the Eocortex mobile app.

Visuatech not only sells Eocortex and expands its partner network in Belgium, but also assists in improving the product. The company's specialists have made an invaluable contribution to the localization of the software: with their help, the interface, configurator and basic documentation were translated into Dutch and French - the state languages ​​of Belgium. In addition, at the request of its partners, Eocortex developers provided support for the MxPEG codec, thus allowing the software to be integrated with Mobotix cameras. Also, some personal data protection features have been added, making the software compatible with the strict European requirements.

Today Visuatech is the key partner of Eocortex in Belgium. The company's employees have profound knowledge of the software’s features, know how to work with it, and promote it emphasizing the additional benefits that its range of video analysis modules provides to the business.

“We are really happy with our cooperation with Visuatech and we appreciate your efforts in developing the smart video surveillance market in Belgium! We wish you many beneficial projects and opportunities for further growth!”, said Pavel Okhotnikov, International Sales Director of Eocortex.

The Eocortex team notes that they are looking forward to the opening of the borders between Russia and Belgium in order to organize the long-planned events that had to be postponed for the time being due to the pandemic.

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