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Printcom Solusi is a new partner of Eocortex in Indonesia

The recently signed partnership agreement allows the company to offer its customers up-to-date video surveillance systems and AI-based video analytics on beneficial terms.

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Eocortex has signed a partnership agreement with Printcom Solusi, one of the major information technology solutions distributors in Indonesia. The company has been operating on the market since 2000, delivering IT solutions into private and public projects in various industries: banking, manufacturing, road tolls, oil and gas. Printcom Solusi is the official distributor of Axis Communication, Nuuo, Allied Telesis, Aui and Data Product.

“With Eocortex powerful intelligence modules, Printcom can give more complete solutions to businesses in their daily challenges to maintain security and also gaining powerful insights. With Eocortex's experience in multiple countries and various projects, we believe that we could empower businesses with powerful video analytics to get real data in time”, emphasized Kenny Sutjijadi, Business Development Lead of Pt Printcom Solusi.

The partnership agreement will allow Printcom Solusi to offer its customers modern video surveillance systems based on the professional Eocortex software on favorable terms. It is worth mentioning that many of the vendor's solutions are unique not only for the Indonesian market but in the whole world.

 “Eocortex offers its users around 20 intelligent modules to automate their tasks and improve work performance. Optimization of business processes makes it possible to increase the service level and customer loyalty at service sector facilities, as well as to enhance safety and discipline at industrial and infrastructure facilities,” said Pavel Okhotnikov, the International Sales Director of Eocortex.

Indonesia is one of the key areas of operation for Eocortex in Southeast Asia. The economic indicators of the country demonstrate a high potential for the digitalization of business and public facilities.

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