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Video Surveillance for Security and Automation of Business Processes: Use Cases in First Person

While the majority of businesses still use video surveillance for monitoring their premises and just record terabytes of data into the archive, the most advanced ones turn their video cameras into efficient tools for business development.
Thanks to artificial intelligence, modern video surveillance allows to automate a wide range of tasks. A security department, for example, can remotely prevent unauthorized persons and vehicles from entering the "off-limits" territory, HR specialists can receive a ready-made timesheet, marketing managers can obtain and process accurate data on the number of visitors broken down by gender and age, and evaluate the quality of service based on the identified emotions of the customers.
At the online seminar entitled "Video Surveillance for Security and Automation of Business Processes: Use Cases in First Person”, our experts will talk about current solutions based on video surveillance technologies. The invited guests – a co-founder of Sympatron Security Technologies and a chairman of Bakco - will share their experience of using Eocortex products and tacking customer tasks using the professional software.
The following speakers will take part in the event:
Pavel Okhotnikov, Eocortex Sales Director
Steffen Grosse, a Co-Founder of Sympatron Security Technologies
Mrs. Truong Thi Bao Ngoc, a Chairman of Bakco
The online seminar will take place at 7:00 UTC on July 30, 2021.
The participation in the event is free based on the preliminary registration.

After the webinar, all the participants will get a useful gift - the guide "How to choose a video surveillance system: selecting the right VMS software".

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