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Answer 3 questions and get free trial version for 1 month
Answer 3 questions and get free trial version for 1 month

Advanced VMS with face recognition included


19 intelligent modules of video analytics Face Recognition Videowall System health check Archiving


Open SDK / API Supports equipment by any manufacturer Supports ONVIF, PSIA, and RTSP connections Unlimited scale to any number of cameras and servers


A common and convenient interface for managing all elements of the system Rights management Internal chat Remote monitoring


You can build a video wall with up to 32 separate monitors without using additional devices or programs to control large-scale and geographically remote facilities.

Rights Management

In ULTRA, you can grant system configuration rights to administrators at different levels, and control access to cameras and individual functions for all users of the system.

Open SDK

Open HTTP-API and SDK for developers allows integrating ULTRA with various third-party applications.


Technical specification

Operating Systems
  • Windows (x86 and x64) 7 SP1 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 / Server 2008 R2 SP1 / Server 2012 / Server 2012 R2 / Server 2016
  • Windows Embedded (for Intel x86 and x64) with the full functionality of above mentioned Windows versions
  • GNU/Linux operating systems: Ubuntu 18.04, 19.04; Astra Linux CE 2.12; Debian 9, 10; CentOS 7
Video Stream Formats

MJPEG, MPEG-4, H.264, H.265, MxPEG

Supported IP Cameras, IP Video Servers and IP Video Recorders

Over 5 600 models more than 167 manufacturers

Supports ONVIF, PSIA, and RTSP connections

Audio Stream Formats

PCM, G.711U, G.711A, G.722.1, G.726, G.729A, GSM-AMR, AAC

Site Plans
  • visualization of two-dimensional site plans
  • displaying of cameras, sensors and relays on site plans
  • binding of external sensors to signal inputs of cameras
  • binding of external devices to signal outputs of cameras
  • displaying camera fields of view; visualization of data of individual intelligent modules on camera fields of view
Eocortex System Healthcheck

Self-diagnosis is the function aimed at the automatic search for the possible problems in a system. The users will receive the notifications of problem detections and will be able to solve the problems as soon as possible

Increased Stability and Safety of Databases

The replication of the databases is done automatically. If a database is damaged, it will be automatically restored from the replication. Therefore, the Journal data is protected as well as the results of Suspect Search and Suspect Tracking

Available on All Platforms

Supports desktop (laptop) computers, smartphones and tablets

Download Eocortex mobile app and control cameras, watch the video from the cameras of your video surveillance system from anywhere on the globe.

Obtain a cost estimate

Eocortex Video Management Software: how does it work?

Eocortex is a professional video management software suite designed to be installed on your own server or personal computer. You can connect any number of IP cameras and servers to Eocortex.

If your camera is not in the list of the integrated devices, you can still connect it via ONVIF or RTSP.
Watching video from the cameras and working with the video archive is possible with the use of iOS and Android-based mobile applications, via a web browser or with the help of a special client application of Eocortex.
The Eocortex video management software has a user-friendly interface, making it easy for a general PC user to connect the cameras. However, professional help will be required for adjusting video analysis features and for setting up large-scale systems.
Irrespective of whether you are buying the video management software for just one camera or for ensuring safety of a large enterprise, you can always count on our high-quality technical support.

Why choose Eocortex VMS?

  • Lifetime licenses, support, maintenance and updates with no ongoing charges.
  • Powerful video analytics: tackle your tasks and optimize the work of your video surveillance system. 20 intelligent modules developed by Eocortex (and more to come with each release) are available.
  • Free updates and technical support.
  • User-friendly interface. Eocortex is easy to install, configure and manage in daily work.
  • Reliability. Eocortex has been successfully used for many years with more than 300 000 IP-cameras in over 23 000 CCTV systems in 27 countries.

What is required for launching an Eocortex-based video surveillance system?

The video surveillance system based on the Eocortex Video Management Software consists of IP cameras and a Windows or Linux server, and also includes client devices for viewing and processing the video archive.
The cost of the video management software is calculated according to the number of IP cameras. One license allows to connect one camera. For example, to set up a system consisting of 30 cameras, you will need 30 Eocortex licenses. Should you require video analytics, you will be able to buy the required additional modules together with the licenses, or later.
The client computers do not require licenses. A license (the protection key and license file) is installed on the server that will process the video stream coming from the cameras and store the archive. 
As soon as you purchase the licenses, you will receive an electronic key that you will have to activate in the course of installing the Eocortex video management software. Should you need to add cameras to your system, you will be able to do so anytime requesting additional licenses and activating a new key.
In order to calculate the cost of the Eocortex Video Management Software and obtain a trial version for your video surveillance system, please contact us at sales@eocortex.com or fill in one of the forms on our web site.


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