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Heat Map

Heat Map by Eocortex IP Camera Software helps to increase the economic return of the commercial or office space use.

How it works

The areas where traffic has been recorded during the last ten seconds are displayed in color on the map in real time.
You can:
  • superimpose a heat map on the image from the camera
  • create a heat map on the facility layout
  • make reports of traffic density analysis within the specified time intervals

Your benefits

Thanks to the Heat map module, you can determine the routes of the movement of people on the premises. This will allow you to draw conclusions regarding the following:
  • sales premises layout efficiency
  • merchandise appeal
  • showcase decoration quality
  • popularity of the goods
Thus, you improve the efficiency of use of your sales premises and increase profit.

Heat Map successfully works in the following industries

Please, choose your business sector and see how the Heat Map module can be helpful to you:

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