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Used modules

People Counting

To increase the effectiveness of the service process

How it works

You can specify the minimum height of the objects to be counted in order to exclude, for example, shopping carts and baby carriages. The system counts all entering and exiting visitors.

You can:

  • create reports and graphs broken down by hours, days, months, years based on the data from various cameras
  • export data to CSV format

Your benefits

Thanks to the People Counting module, you estimate the number of your visitors with 99% precision. It allows you to regulate the working schedules of service personnel.

Thus, you increase the cost-effectiveness of your expenses and personnel efficiency.

Available on All Platforms

Supports desktop (laptop) computers, smartphones and tablets

Download Eocortex mobile app and control cameras, watch the video from the cameras of your video surveillance system from anywhere on the globe.

Obtain a cost estimate

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