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Web Client

The Eocortex Web Client allows you to access video and audio streams from cameras connected to Eocortex servers, both in real time and from the archive. The Web Client can be used in any web browser that supports Silverlight: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera.

Как это работает

  • To launch the Web Client, it is enough to type the address of the Eocortex server in the address bar of the browser in the format http://<Server IP or URL>:<server_port> and go to the Eocortex Web client window
  • The Web Client login window will open
  • Control panel items of the Web Client are similar to the Eocortex Client application

Ваши выгоды

  • Convenient viewing of live video and archive using the Web Client
  • Access to the system without the need to install desktop or mobile applications​

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