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Answer 3 questions and get free trial version for 1 month
Answer 3 questions and get free trial version for 1 month

Eocortex 2.8. What's new?


In just a couple of weeks, the Eocortex version 2.8 will be released. Its sensational novelties and new opportunities for business development have already received positive reviews of the CCTV market professionals and the representatives of the end users. However, Eocortex 2.8 is like an iceberg: its biggest part is still invisible to the general public. The time has come to reveal the secrets of the new software version.

Ilya Denisov is a presale engineer of Eocortex. He is an expert in software and codes and he can teach us to use even the latent capabilities of the program. Pavel Zemsky is a business development manager. He is aware of the actual needs of the end users, he knows how to avoid hidden pitfalls that may occur in the course of the installation and setup of the software, and how to significantly save in the course of upgrading the video surveillance and security systems. Mr. Denisov and Mr. Zemsky will jointly host the webinar for those who intends to make profit on the CCTV market.

Does a video surveillance system need video cards? Can knowing a number of unique visitors bring profit? How to set up the system to ensure that? Does a marketing manager need access to the CCTV system? There are many questions, and we will answer all of them in a competent and comprehensive manner.

It is worth mentioning that the webinar dedicated to the particularities of the version 2.8 will go on until all the questions of the audience are answered. Mr. Denisov and Mr. Zemsky will respond to all the queries. To be able to ask your question, please register here: https://events.webinar.ru/5313721/2693061

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