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Maroscop Webinar «System Setup Walkthrough»

Register for our FREE Webinar "System Setup Walkthrough" and find out how to setup Macroscop, receive detailed information about Macroscop features.

During the webinar you will learn:

  • How to install Macroscop Licenses, 
  • How to deploy Macroscop Server, Client, Standalone in Macroscop Configurator;
  • How to set up servers, cameras and external devices; 
  • How to set up Users and Groups, delegate user and group rights;
  • How to configure Macroscop Analytics;
  • How to upload premises plans;
  • How to use Macroscop Monitoring to watchdog system health;
  • How to configure grids.

Webinar will take place on the 22nd October at 9:00 am London time (GMT+1). To receive your link to the webinar and further information please register here.

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