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11 IP cameras

The sphere of application of the intelligent video analytics is truly unlimited. The "smart" cameras are used anywhere, from parks to space stations. Educational institutions are part of it, too. The case of the Academy of Business and Innovative Technologies (ABIT) teaches us how to convert a handful of cameras into a unique competitive advantage.


The theory and technology of higher education are constantly evolving, as confirmed by the continuous reforms and modernization. One of the novelties in the industry has been the University 3.0 concept that describes a new type of an educational institution.

The University 3.0 concept is a new type of a university fulfilling not only educational and research functions, but also those of an integrator of the main processes going on inside the innovative system. It means that now the university must actively participate in the technological entrepreneurship, in the development of various types of business, in the market formation, etc.

The Academy of Business and Innovative Technologies, founded in 1991, has also joined the self-update process. In 2016, this academic establishment became the official representative of the Russian New University in the city of Zelenograd, meaning that it became subject to much stricter requirements related to the quality of education. 

– The educational system must work hand-in-hand with the business community, says Ms. Larisa Kalachyova, a member of the expert advisory board for science and education and the founder of the Academy of Business and Innovative Technologies. – Together with the reinforcement of our teaching staff with practicing businessmen, we also started to enhance the IT constituent of ABIT.

The assistance in this respect was rendered by the Roksis innovation company, the pioneer on the local market of the IT technology. The piece of advice given by the experts was simple and straightforward: use Eocortex. When employing this flexible and easy-to-use software, the potential of its application is limited only by the imagination of the end user. For the Academy of Business and Innovative Technologies, the Eocortex software became as versatile as a Swiss Army knife.

First, Eocortex with the ML license controls the CCTV system of the Academy of Business and Innovative Technologies unified in the consolidated surveillance center. The system contains 11 cameras with audio stream processing modules, including those that are installed in the classrooms. Thus, the premises of the Academy are being monitored 24/7, helping to prevent any unwanted occurrences.

Secondly, using the Eocortex software, the IT department of the Academy implemented the multi-user access to the live streams from the cameras located in the classrooms, meaning that even a sick student or a student who is vacationing in the hot beaches of the Canary Islands has an opportunity to fully participate in the process of education.

– In accordance with University 3.0,the remote participation is one of the important educational capabilities. For the convenience of our students, we have even created our own interactive platform for online learning, adds Ms. Kalachyova. – During the current academic year only, we have issued 200 temporary passwords for remote access to the lectures streamed in real time.

The students get a limited access to Eocortex, but it is enough to ensure the uninterrupted learning process. It is possible to connect to the system using any convenient means: one can use a free application that installs on a PC, on an Apple mobile device (iPad or iPhone) running iOS, or on a gadget using Android or Windows Mobile.

Finally, the third advantage was the demonstration of ABIT features. The competitive edge in the form of the capability of connecting a student to the process of learning caught fancy of both the prospective students and the partners of the Academy.

– Today the efficiency of Eocortex stands fully confirmed with our first-hand experience, summarizes Ms. Kalachoyva. – To enhance the capabilities available for the students, we plan to increase the number of cameras controlled by Eocortex twofold. I think it will happen as early as in the year 2020. 


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