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Central Taiwan Science Park

Central Taiwan Science Park
Taichung, Taiwan
98 IP cameras
Central Taiwan Science Park

Jianhao Printing company is a famous printing factory in Taiwan located in Central Taiwan Science Park. The company is engaged in the printing industry focusing on commercial printing. The printing services are mainly computer-controlled forms such as continuous forms, order forms, and direct debit slips.
This project is for factory monitoring and use face recognition to manage  access control

CCTV task
The priority CCTV task that needed to be solved by Eocortex was to ensure face recognition access control management on the territory. The video system must be integrated with the Prolink ACMS access control system.
The other task was to monitor the perimeter of the factory.

Number of cameras
98 IP cameras are installed on the object, 12 of which use Face Recognition detection.

After comparing several video surveillance software options Eocortex VMS was chosen (ST license) including its most popular analytics module - Face Recognition module. Among the features that were used the most was the video wall viewing of the control center. 
With a video wall you can get rapid response to events in large-scale systems. The benefit of using the video wall is that you don’t need to use additional hardware or software solutions. Instead of that you can remotely configure operators' workstations equipped with any number of monitors by interactively dragging and dropping cameras to desired monitor

Eocortex Advantages
The main reason why Eocortex VMS was chosen - which the client calls - is the interface, that is extremely easy to use and it is comprehensive in terms of set up and installation. 

As one of the tasks for VMS was to ensure the monitoring of the factory, the integrated management of the central monitoring management was introduced.
It was also important not to lose any critical data, so the backup features were of high importance. Eocortex Failover ensures automatic switchover to the backup server in case of a loss of signal or disconnection of the main server.

The customer also marks the excellence of after-sales service quality including the work of the support team.

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