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Home of retail

7 IP cameras

Home of Retail is a concept store near Antwerp.


Number of cameras: 7 Ultra license with included analytics modules: Heat map, People counting in Queue, People counting and other

CCTV tasks:  Home of Retail is a platform for manufacturers, suppliers and retailers. The platform is used to test hypotheses and scenarios of future shopping. The partners of the platform jointly study the evolution of the buyers’ behaviour and shopping technologies. The video surveillance system plays an important role in understanding retail consumer behaviour.

Solution: After watching the demonstration and testing the software, the customer chose Eocortex VMS to be the platform for the smart cameras of the future. Big data is the future of retail, and the data provided by the video cameras is the exceptional source of information.

Eocortex advantages: The main reasons to buy Eocortex were the capability to perform full monitoring of video data of buyers’ behaviour and intelligent quick search for the required images. Such modules as Heat Map, People Counting, Crowd Monitoring allow to create customer routes, learn buyer preferences and improve retail store operation.

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