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Termopuerto industrial compound

El Salvador, Acajutla
64 IP cameras

Termopuerto - Industrial compound for electrical generator, El Salvador, Acajutla.


Number of cameras: 64 cameras with ST license with the following intelligent modules included: Sabotage Detection, Face Detection, Abandoned Object Detection, Tracking, Suspect Search, as well as 5 PTZ Camera Control modules.

CCTV task: The video system must be integrated with the existing 18 cameras. The additional task was to perform system upscaling: 18 more cameras of various brands were connected.

Solution: After testing and comparing the software with other solutions Eocortex VMS was chosen. 

Eocortex advantages: The main reason for choosing Eocortex was easy integration of the software with the cameras of existing CCTV and with the new cameras added to the system.

Also, the customer positively evaluated the capabilities of solving specific production tasks with the help of Eocortex video analytics

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