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Logistics centers, warehouses

MA-Trading GmbH in Germany

15 IP cameras

Facility: MA-Trading GmbH in Nuremberg, Germany is one of the largest European online general stores, selling almost anything. There one can order goods ranging from a rattle toy to electronic equipment or a full set of garden furniture. The wide variety of goods requires a special approach, that is why the store’s operation is supported by the large logistics center. The products from various suppliers come to it to be later shipped to even the remotest corners of the country.

Number of cameras: 15 units with ULTRA license

CCTV task: After several incidents that involved theft from the warehouse, it became clear that the existing video surveillance system was not coping with guarding the perimeter. It was necessary to create a system that would remotely notify the operator about the intrusions to the territory and enable him or her to take prompt measures to prevent stealing.

Solution: the end customer chose Eocortex because it allowed to set up the sending of notifications via any channel convenient for the operator. Moreover, Eocortex permitted to control the video surveillance system remotely, using a mobile client. Two standard modules were connected to the cameras: Smoke and Fire Detection and Tracking, which directly monitored entering the zones preset by the operator.

Eocortex advantages: one of the main strong points of Eocortex was the flexibility of the system. It is possible to use all the 16 modules to solve various security-related tasks. MA-Trading plans to scale up the project, and Ultra will allow monitoring of all the warehouses in a single security center.

Partner: ADIT Computer & Netzwerktechnik

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