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Magna Automotive

25 IP cameras

Magna Automotive in Poland is now protected by Eocortex software, 25 IP cameras of SeeCom and Sanyo brands and 1 server.


Magna is a leading global automotive supplier with 309 manufacturing operations and 99 product development, engineering and sales centres in 29 countries.

25 PTZ IP cameras have been mounted in the factory manufacturing buildings, warehouses, administrative offices, shipping/receiving and outdoor areas. The rich functionality of Eocortex video management software (LS64 version) allowed to organize the monitoring of production processes and valuable raw materials, to control the personnel activities and workplace safety, to improve the security level at the manufacturing premises through the combination of the automated security system and security officers operating from 2 workstations. The PTZ camera control module from Eocortex saves money on additional equipment and controls movement with the use of a standard gaming joystick. 

The Magna Automotive project was successfully implemented by SeeCom Polska - Eocortex distributor in Poland.

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