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Oborniki Recreation Center

40 IP cameras

Oborniki Recreation Center (Oborniki Wielkopolskie) in Poland is one of the major attractions in the region located about 30 kilometers from Poznan, 65 km from Pila.

Oborniki Recreation Center is now secured with Eocortex IP camera software (LS64 license), 1 server and 40 IP cameras of SeeCom and Hikvision brands. Eocortex versatile solution allows connecting the variety of IP camera models from various brands. Thanks to the Eocortex video management software, recreation center's premises are now monitored round-the-clock from 2 workstations (with the possibility to differentiate user access rights). IP cameras have been installed at the reception area, swimming pool premises (which is the main activity of the center), conference room, hotel, bowling and shopping areas, building’s entrance/exits.

Sabotage detection module is provided with any Eocortex license absolutely free of charge. Sabotage detection module allows revealing camera defocusing, panning away from pre-defined view, illumination and overlapping, which is particularly relevant for the public place surveillance.

The Oborniki Wielkopolskie project was successfully implemented by SeeCom Polska - Eocortex distributor in Poland.

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