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"East" Spaceport

76 IP cameras

"East" spaceport employs Eocortex VMS and Eocortex-built NVRs at the space rocket launch complex called "Union-2".


The video surveillance system built of 76 Beward IP cameras is used to provide technological systems for video surveillance, keeping records of equipment tests, implementation of pre-launch operations and space rocket launches at the test platform. Design and installation of the system components were made in 2015, all start-up operations were completed in the 2016 spring. The video surveillance system based on Eocortex recorded the first launch of the "Union-2" rocket.

Cosmodrome's representatives comment on Eocortex VMS: "We have placed several critical requirements for the potential surveillance system's components: fault tolerance and reliability. Flexible user rights management and ease of operation have also been noted of the high importance. Eocortex NVRs have proved to be the most appropriate solution.
According to our recent experience, we can state that Eocortex is a very stable and reliable product with a high-level of functionality available. We are ready to recommend Eocortex products for building the technological systems for video surveillance".

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