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Logistics centers, warehouses

Logistic center of COOP Jednota

10 IP cameras

The video surveillance system at COOP Jednota Slovakia consists of 10 IP cameras and Eocortex software.


COOP Jednota Slovakia is a consumer cooperative consisting of 30 regional COOP Jednotas, including their members, 9 logistics centres and the COOP Jednota Foundation. Each regional COOP Jednota has its own membership base. The total number of ordinary members of the COOP Jednota group was 170,219 on 31 December 2014. COOP Jednota Slovakia is a significant shareholder in COOP Euro, a. s., OPTIMA, a. s., Nitra, DRU, a. s., Zvolen, VIC, a. s. Mojmírovce, FROP, a. s., etc.

COOP Jednota video security system includes both internal and outdoor video surveillance. IP cameras are placed in open areas like warehouse floors, entrances and exits (shipping and receiving points), in areas where valuables are stored, in offices and administrative departments. The outer part of the surveillance system (perimeter cameras around the edges) mounted in the production facility or storage premise will certainly increase anti-terrorist object protection and enable observation of the whole security environment.

Eocortex has been installed at 10 IP Cameras in the logistic center by our distributor in Slovakia - WIDE Security Company.

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