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Logistics centers, warehouses

Warehouses of GIMAX Company

47 IP cameras

The video surveillance system at the Warehouses of GIMAX Company consists of 47 IP cameras and Eocortex software.


GIMAX is a logistics company which is in TOP 3 of the biggest providers of services for industry in the region of Trencin, Slovakia. Company is working more than 20 years. For today, staff of employees numbers more than 520.

Video surveillance of the GIMAX warehouses and storage facilities has become an integral part of the modern enterprise infrastructure. CCTV system allows recording and monitoring the activity of warehouse visitors and staff, preventing theft and damage to the equipment and/or property. Video surveillance at the warehouse enables to use IP cameras recordings when analysing disputed situations. Even the fact of CCTV system installation can prevent illegal actions, just because the very existence of the cameras make potential offenders think about the possible punishment.

Eocortex has been installed at 47 IP Cameras in the warehouses. The project has been carried out by Eocortex distributor in Slovakia - WIDE Security Company.

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