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Prisons & Correctional Facilities

6 prison sites (cezaevi kurumları) in Turkey

Turkey, Izmir
1062 IP cameras

Thanks to the Eocortex software, 1062 BAIKAL IP cameras have been integrated into the distributed video system, which successfully operates at six prison sites in Izmir, Turkey.


Izmir is the second largest port in the country, located in the western Turkey near the eastern coast of the Aegean Sea. Each system uses 26 to 304 cameras that are managed centrally from the central monitoring room/location. Apart from the video surveillance, each object of the system includes security and fire alarm integrated with Eocortex. Systems integration allows receiving information (events from the video and/or fire and security system) and setting up different responses to specific events (sending a message, video output from the corresponding camera) within a single environment - Eocortex journal, which dramatically increases the operator’s efficiency and average speed of response. PCC Electronic Company - Eocortex exclusive distributor in Turkey – professionally completed the system composition project.
Eocortex software package allows you to build a reliable multi-server video system with an unlimited number of cameras.
In the distributed case, system setup and operation are possible both locally from individual system facility) and centrally from the central monitoring room/location. For the purpose of improving efficiency and expanding the range of tasks, Eocortex video analytics modules could be included into the system. Special functions are added to check the status of all the components of the surveillance systems and replication and redundancy are implemented to improve the reliability of complex video surveillance system. To date, more than 15,000 video surveillance systems were built based on Eocortex, you are welcome to learn more at the Projects section.

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