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Government facilities

Army Residence (Indonesian National Armed Forces)

IP cameras

CCTV task

The priority CCTV task was to:

  • create a smart army residence by ensuring the safety and security of the people who are in the area
  • enable 1,000+ ID to make sure unknown people is recognized
  • search easily for a member in the area


64 IP cameras with Face Recognition module. Eocortex Ultra license includes not only the main intelligent modules (like People Counting, Face Recognition, Uniform Detector and other), but also provides advanced possibilities for video surveillance management – like Multi-level Administration, Archive Replication, Active Directory, Video Wall and not only. 
It was also decided to integrate Eocortex features with third party web development to enable easy to use application to track people and ensuring that unknown visitors are well detected and prohibited at the territory.

Eocortex advantages

Eocortex has proved its effectiveness in delivering stable and accurate face recognition system to support the needs of the residence. It is also noted that with well documented API the integration is easy and seamless. There is also no limitation of the database which can support the needs of the residence.

Obtain a cost estimate

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