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Government facilities

Ministry of Internal Affairs

Russia, Stavropol
120 IP cameras

The video surveillance system consists of 120 Axis IP cameras, Eocortex software, and Intelligent modules.

Since December 2011, the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the North Caucasian Federal District has employed Eocortex IP camera software for its video surveillance system made of 120 Axis IP cameras. The cameras are located inside the main building, at the entrances / exits from the territory, the checkpoint, and around the perimeter.


Management's decision to change the existing analog video surveillance system to IP-based was due to the technical advantages of IP cameras, ease of integration, and use of maintenance following after the installation. Eocortex software selection was driven by:

  • Wide range of IP-cameras supported;
  • Superhigh effectiveness of computing software, caused by architecture initially optimized for IP cameras, compressed video streams processing technology performed without complete decoding;
  • High-speed processing of video data;
  • Lowering the cost of computing equipment by reducing the number of servers required for a system that allows single high-performance server to handle two video streams coming from each camera simultaneously: to the client computer and into the archive.
What is more, Eocortex Intelligent modules have been actively used in this video surveillance system:
  • Suspect search. Significantly speed up and simplify object searches in the archive. Upload a photo of the object into the software (person, car, any moving object) or indicate its color, dimensions, position in the frame, and the system will output all objects contained in archival recordings from every camera that are similar to it. In the interception mode, the system will sound an alarm should a similar object appear in the field of view of a camera.
  • Face recognition module. The face recognition module automatically identifies optimal portraits from the video stream (reference images). Such images are stored in a database for subsequent identification. Highly-accurate recognition is possible due to the application of innovative technology that biometrically indexes facial features.
  • License plate recognition module. Designed to automatically recognize and record license plates that enter an IP camera's field of view.

As the Head of the IT, Communication and Information Protection Department comments on Eocortex:

"Eocortex IP camera software has been selected after a thorough analysis of the various video surveillance software options, made by mostly examining the specialized forums and numerous testimonials. I believe that we have made the right choice. Eocortex confirmed its high efficiency and operational quality, serious failures were not observed, the system is stable and clear."

The Ministry of Internal Affairs' representatives expressed their interest in further system expansion and additional functionality obtained by Eocortex products.

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