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Answer 3 questions and get a free trial
Answer 3 questions and get a free trial

Retail and security cameras: 10 new solutions for tackling business tasks


In response to the growing number of requests of retail representatives and due to a large number of corresponding projects, on the 20th of August we will hold a webinar dedicated to solving the tasks related to retail. During the webinar entitled “10 video surveillance solutions for retail” the Eocortex employees Ilya Denisov and Natalia Reshetnikova will take the participants to the world of video surveillance solutions for the facilities strategically important for the global economy.

The webinar will consist of two parts. First, Natalia will talk about typical issues and tasks in the sphere of retail that the end users try to solve with the help of the CCTV systems. A separate part of the webinar will deal with the case studies. Then Ilya Denisov will showcase several modules designed for retail. 

The final part of our webinar will be devoted to the questions of the audience. The webinar will start at 11:00 GMT and will be completely free of charge.

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